Dog Training Classes

Whether you're intrested in training your puppy not to pee indoors or getting behaviour advice for your lifelong friend we've got something to help you out.

Group Classes

Baby Puppy School (Level 1)

The best time to start training your new puppy is as soon as they come home! In this class you will learn important management strategies to set your puppy on the right path to a lifetime of learning.

Intermediate Puppy (Level 2)

Pre requisite: Your puppy must have attended Baby Puppy Class with RSPCA School for Dogs. This is level 2 of our Puppy classes, therefore we need the puppy students to have attended our first level. If you Puppy does not meet the criteria, please enrol in our Junior Puppy Foundation class. Did you love attending the Baby Puppy School class? Now your puppy is growing up it is vitally important that they continue learning the behaviours you want in your family dog! Intermediate Puppy takes up where Baby Puppy School left off - you will build on the skills you have already learned and will learn a whole lot more!

Foundation Class

Is your dog 4 months or older and brand new to the world of training? Or perhaps they attended Puppy Class a while ago and you really need a refresher? Have some behaviours developed that you would like to improve? The RSPCA School for Dogs Foundation Class caters for dogs of all ages – our small classes ensure that everyone receives the individual attention they need.

Life Skills Class

Have you completed our Senior Puppy or Foundation Class and are now really hooked on positive reinforcement training? Perhaps you would like to take your new skills “on the road” on street walks, or for a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop? Or want to gain more advanced training skills before you undertake another doggy activity like agility, treibball or dog dancing? Life Skills is the class for you!

Junior Foundation

Junior Foundation is the perfect course for puppies who are fully vaccinated and between 4 and 12 months of age. They require no previous training to attend or can have done basic puppy preschool. We start from scratch and teach them all the basic behaviours to set them up for success.

Loose Lead Walking Short Course

This is a 3 week short course designed specifically to focus on lovely lead manners! All students must have previously attended a Foundation/Junior Foundation/Intermediate Puppy class with us. All dogs must be non-reactive and have no aggression towards other dogs or people.