Dog Training Classes

Whether you're intrested in training your puppy not to pee indoors or getting behaviour advice for your lifelong friend we've got something to help you out.

Group Classes

Baby Puppy Class Online (Level 1)

The best time to start training your new puppy is as soon as they come home! In this class you will learn important management strategies to set your puppy on the right path to a lifetime of learning, all from the comfort of your own home.

Foundation Class Online

We cover the things that are important for modern dogs – all from the comfort of your own home! Designed specifically for dogs who have had no previous formal training, this course will help you to establish essential pet dog manners such as walking on a loose lead, coming when called, greeting people politely, stay and plenty of other useful tricks and games. This is great starting point for your new family companion of any age or for dogs who haven’t had an opportunity to practice training skills for some time, all while building a great bond between you and your pet.‚Äč

Intermediate Puppy Online (Level 2)

Prerequisite: Your puppy must have attended Baby Puppy Class with RSPCA School for Dogs OR attended a puppy class via your local PetBarn. This is level 2 of our Puppy classes, therefore puppy students must have attended our first level. If you Puppy does not meet the criteria, please enrol in our Foundation Class Online. Did you love attending the Baby Puppy School class? Now your puppy is growing up it is vitally important that they continue learning the behaviours you want in your family dog! Intermediate Puppy takes up where Baby Puppy School left off - you will build on the skills you have already learned and will learn a whole lot more!

Online Behaviour Problem consults

Have a behavioural issue and seeking private one on one training? We are now offering private training via virtual consult with our fully qualified and experienced trainers. Please DO NOT book online, simply email us, we will send you an in depth questionnaire and find a time and date that suits you. Email: